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NPB Ammunition

9MM Ammo

POF manufacturers state of the international quality infantry weapons on advanced Computerized Numerical control (CNC) machines. Besides other quality Infantry weapons, Pistol 9mm PARA PK-9 is also produced in POF which is a semi automatic pistol specially designed to be reliable, light weight and user friendly. The components of Pistol PK-9 are made from finest steel alloy; main side and the barrel are made from the high quality cold forged alloy steel providing reliability and durability. POF also formed joint venture with Turkish company and bring up two new models with them which are B6 and ST-9. The 9MM Ammo also comes into the specialty of POF which is manufactured according to international standards. POF has recently introduced its POF-5 pistol, POF-4 pistol and .308 win rifle to meet the requirements of its loyal customers and according to international standards.